Welcome to the World of bicycles homepage! This site will be a real place for all bicycle enthusiasts. Millions of people are passionate about bicycles, which for some are much more than a means of transportation. Indeed, cycling is a real hobby all over the world. Some people use it to get from one place to another, to go to work or even to work in certain professions.

However, the bicycle is also very appreciated by individuals who make bike rides their favorite pastime! Indeed, users do not hesitate to travel tens of kilometers by bike all over the world. This means of transportation allows cyclists to make much longer rides, but also to appreciate the landscape around them much more easily than during a hike or a drive. The passion for cycling can even become professional as cycling is one of the most followed and popular sports in the world!

You will find on this website World of bicycles all the news around the bicycle! You will have access to the best rides to do according to your geographical position. For the more athletic among you, we will propose you the best passes and mountains to climb. Finally, we will regularly talk about the latest news in road cycling, a sport that is very popular all over the world. Find below the main topics covered on this World of bicycles site, dedicated exclusively to cycling


Cycling has physical benefits

As explained above, cycling has real virtues! Indeed, after running, cycling is without a doubt the most practiced sport activity in the world. First of all, it is one of the best ways to oxygenate your mind. Secondly, riding a bike has physical benefits. Indeed, all the muscles are solicited and a regular use allows you to have a physical condition more than correct. Cycling also allows you to work on your cardio and air your lungs. To summarize, cycling is a more than complete physical activity.

The most beautiful rides in the world

One of the reasons why cycling is so popular is because of the wonderful places you can see using this means of transportation. In fact, in every country in the world, there are hundreds of beautiful walks that allow you to live unique experiences. Users from all over the world will be able to share the best photos of their bike rides on this site.

You will also have access to a best-of list of the most beautiful places to ride around the world on World of bicycles! You will have the possibility to get information about rides on the 5 continents of the world and you will see the most beautiful and unusual places to ride a bike.


The most difficult passes and mountains to climb

For those who enjoy cycling but want to put their body to the test, the editors of World of bicycles have decided to create a section especially for you, featuring the best passes and mountains in France! Indeed, this country is composed of several mountain ranges that are used every year by the participants of the Tour de France, not without difficulties. So if you are passionate about cycling but you want to try the challenge, then go to our page dedicated to the most difficult passes and mountains to climb in France!

Cycling news in real time

Professional cycling fans are becoming more and more numerous. That's why the editors of World of bicycles have decided to give these cycling enthusiasts a treat! We will give you a summary of the biggest races such as the Giro, the Tour de France or the Vuelta. We will also tell you about the races that took place during the last Olympic Games. We will first present you the functioning of these great competitions which are very popular all over the world.

Cycling is so popular in the world because it is one of the only sports in which cycling fans can come and watch the race for free. Every year, millions of fans flock to the roadsides to watch their favorite riders go by. That's the magic of cycling too!