Where to Ride in Les Landes

Les Landes, located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, is a top pick for cycling enthusiasts who yearn for a bike ride filled with scenic landscapes. Here are some fantastic routes and areas to explore when cycling in Les Landes.

Top Cycling Routes in Les Landes


Often referred to as the Atlantic Cycling Route, the Vélodyssée is a monumental 1200km bike trek that spans from the lively region of Brittany to the boundary with Spain. An impressive 165km portion of this remarkable path traverses through Les Landes.

The highlights of this route are genuinely inspiring, including the enchanting coastal trails that overlook the vast ocean. The route takes you through the magical lakes of Moliets and Hossegor, perfect for a break to enjoy the captivating beauty. 

The journey culminates in the lively city of Biscarrosse, a sight to behold and a perfect conclusion to an adventurous ride.

Courant D’Huchet Nature Reserve

The Courant D’Huchet Nature Reserve is a refuge for nature and cycle enthusiasts alike. Offering an accessible 18km biking trail inside the reserve, cyclists can genuinely appreciate and relish the abundant biodiversity that the reserve nurtures.

The journey around the trail introduces you to the mesmerizing Léon Lake, four unique ecosystems that exist harmoniously within the reserve, and countless opportunities to capture spectacular views, making the adventure memorable.

Les pistes sous les pins — Loop Starting from Léon

This route is specifically crafted for seasoned cyclists with good stamina. Starting from the picturesque town of Léon, it explores pine-cloaked paths. Due to its mainly paved surface, cyclists must maintain a steady fitness level.

Dune du Pilat and Plage de Biscarosse – Loop around L’Étang de Cazaux and Sanguinet

This expert-level route promises an unforgettable biking experience. It offers breathtaking views of the sublime Dune du Pilat and the serene Plage de Biscarosse, making any extra pedaling worthwhile.

Starting from Mimizan Plage — Loop

Designed for cyclists of all fitness levels, this easy route showcases the stunning beach of Mimizan on a calm and pleasant cycle ride.

Les pistes sous les pins — Loop Starting from the Route of La Lette Blanche

Another journey through the enchanting pine forests, this intermediate-grade route is ideal for cyclists looking for a leisurely ride with views of the charming La Lette Blanche.

Around L’Etang Blanc — Loop Starting from Seignosse

This route is an idyllic blend of the resinous aroma from the pine trees and the chance to gaze upon the tranquil waters of L’Etang Blanc—an unforgettable cycling adventure around the delightful town of Seignosse.

From Adour to Midouze — Loop Starting from Dax

Trape along the beautiful rivers Adour and Midouze, starting from the historic city of Dax, with this soul-stirring, intermediate-level cycling route that showcases the region’s most picturesque landscapes.

La Marensine — Loop Starting from Seignosse

Escape the city’s echo and immerse yourself in the serene tranquillity of La Marensine. Starting from Seignosse, this peaceful bike ride will make you appreciate the simple beauty of nature.

Between Adour and Gabas — Loop Starting from Saint-Sever

Designed for expert cyclists, this extraordinary cycling route commences in the quaint town of Saint-Sever. It then journeys between the enriching rivers Adour and Gabas, embracing the breathtaking landscapes that come your way.

Aire-sur-l’Adour and Estang – Loop in the Pays de d’Artagnan

For seasoned cyclists, this physically demanding route compensates your effort with the awe-inspiring landscapes of Aire-sur-l’Adour and Estang, providing an adventure like no other in the vibrant Pays de D’Artagnan.

Lagunes du Gât Mort and Domaine Gérard Lagors – Loop in the Parc naturel régional des Landes de Gascogne

This intermediate-level cycling route presents the natural beauty of the Lagunes du Gât Mort and the prized Domaine Gérard Lagors. This journey confers an unparalleled biking experience demonstrating the superb craftsmanship of nature.

Horseback Riding in Les Landes

Les Landes presents various options for horse riding enthusiasts, from coastal areas to serene forest routes.

Rancho Campo Horse Club

  • Rancho Campo Horse Club in Escource offers horse rides tailored for all skill levels.
  •  Riders will enjoy serene equestrian trails through the immense Landes forest with the possibility of spotting local wildlife.

The Equestrian Centre of Mont de Marsan

  • Mont de Marsan’s famous horse riding center offers excellent lessons and horse trekking expeditions deep into the Landes forest.

Motorbiking in Les Landes

If you’re more into motorized exploration, Les Landes won’t disappoint. Let your adrenaline pump as you explore many off-road and road-based motorbike routes.

The Mimizan-Pontenx Route

  • Perfect for a Sunday ride, this 60km route starts in Mimizan, heads south to Pontenx-les-Forges, and circles back around. It offers diverse straight and winding sections, forests, and picturesque landscapes.

Route des Lacs

  • Route des Lacs is an impressive motorbike trail offering a mix of forest roads and lakeside paths. It’s a moderate ride with peaceful moments and fantastic views around every corner.

Safety Tips for Riding in Les Landes

Regardless of the riding you choose, safety should always be your priority. Consider these safety tips:

  • Always use protective equipment: For safety, always wear a helmet regardless of your riding experience. Consider elbow pads, knee protectors, and high-visibility clothing for more dangerous activities.
  •  Respect nature: Les Landes’ beautiful environment is home to various wildlife. Always stick to trails and riding routes to avoid disturbing the ecosystem.
  •  Be mindful of the weather: Conditions can change rapidly in Les Landes. Always check the weather forecast before departing for your ride.
  • Always check the surface conditions before starting a ride, as specific routes might require pushing your bike.
  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during your cycling adventure.
  • Plan your cycling route, especially when exploring the more demanding ones. You would want to push your limits within a reasonable distance.

Final Words

Les Landes offers incredible cycling, horseback riding, and motorbiking experiences for all skill levels and preferences. From scenic coastal paths and tranquil nature reserves to the challenging Vélodyssée, there’s always a trail or route to satisfy your adventurous spirit. 

As you embrace beautiful landscapes and enchanting surroundings, always prioritize safety and respect nature. So gear up, choose your path, and embark on a memorable exploration of all the captivating Les Landes region offers.

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